quarta-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2012

Shooting in black and white

The black and white photography always was one of the main ideas on Kassandra’s creation. We always imagined the movie with no colors. The image had to be thought in dark and light. So, the decisions of the cinematography, art direction, costume design and make up had to be different than usual.

Kassandra’s director of photography is Pablo Chasseraux (pic), a most wanted professional who works in several projects in advertising, TV and cinema – check his cinematography reel here. He used a Canon 5D and shooted in color to apply the black and white on the post-production. However, the scenes were monitored with no colors, so one could see the contrast between the light and the dark and if the image wasn’t too grayish.

Once the main worry was the light and dark, Pablo simply started to ignore the color temperature, which means that some of the shots had warm and cold lights mixed. In color, looks like a mess, but in black and white it’s all simply wonderful. Worried about the crazy colors on the camera, Pablo asked more than once to the director Ulisses da Motta Costa:

- Are you sure that’s gonna be in black and white? There’s a purple light here.

The costume designers Isabela Boessio e Giulia De Cesero also had their issues to solve. One of the characters, for example, had to wear a dark shirt in a certain moment. They got a navy shirt, hoping that it was good enough. At the camera, however, the navy looked like a light and lovable grey. A quick switch for the Daniel Coutinho’s, the adman, black shirt and the problem was gone.

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