segunda-feira, 9 de novembro de 2015

Kassandra Goes to India

Kassandra was selected to participate in the Whata Short - India International Online Film Festival. 

It's our 26th festival participation. Know more here.

quinta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2015

Watch Kassandra online

Kassandra is finally available on Youtube! You can watch the award-winner horror short film with english, spanish, french or portuguese subtitles. 

What are you waiting for?

segunda-feira, 4 de maio de 2015

Fantaspoa Official Selection

Porto Alegre, Brazil, is the scene of one of the biggest fantastic film festivals in Latin America, the Fantaspoa. And Kassandra will attend the next edition of the event, which takes place in May in several cinemas in the city. The film will be exhibit at the National Short Section. Know more here.

Kassandra will have the honor of being alongside award-winning productions in and outside Brazil, such as Pray (by Claudio Ellovitch), Nua por dentro do couro (by Lucas Sá), Judas (by Joel Caetano) and Huntsman, the new venture of our friends Rafael Duarte and Taísa Ennes Marques.

Currently, Kassandra is waiting  response of international film festivals to end its cycle, which sum up to date 25 participations in exhibitions and festivals, 12 official selections and eight awards. Besides the XI Fantaspoa, the film has confirmed participation in the 3rd Ver Cine, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and in the Three Cities Festival, held in New York City, Los Angeles e Santo Domingo. 

quinta-feira, 2 de abril de 2015

Three Cities Film Festival selection

Kassandra still on the road! The film was selected for the Three Cities Film Festival, an online event that also promote a conference and screenings in New York City, Los Angeles and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Go, go, Kassandra!

segunda-feira, 16 de março de 2015

Best film at the Mostra Monstro!

Kassandra is honored to receive the great award at Mostra Monstro Film Festival, in Jacareí, State of São Paulo. Know more here (in portuguese). 

Also called Troféu Monstro ("Monster Award"), the award was given by the official jury last sunday, March 15th. This is the second award of Best Film for Kassandra, and it's eighth award in total. 

Thanks to the official jury and to the Mostra Monstro Film Festival!

See all our awards bellow:

Gramado Film Festival (Mostra Gaucha):
  • Best Cinematography 

Santo Angelo Film Festival:
  • Best Director 
  • (Plus 3 nominations: Best Film, Best Actress for Renata Stein, Best Screenplay)

CineSerra Film Festival:
  • Best Cinematography 
  • Best Art Direction
  • Best Music

Brasilia Online Film Festival:
  • Best Film
  • Best Director
  • (Plus 6 nominations: Best Film by the Popular Jury, Best Actress for Renata Stein, Best Cinematography, Best Sound, Best Editing, Best Original Score)

Mostra Monstro Film Festival:
  • Troféu Monstro ("Monster Award", Best Film)

sábado, 14 de março de 2015

Kassandra at Ver Cine Film Festival, in Rio de Janeiro

Good news in the last Friday 13th! Kassandra was selected in the 3rd Ver Cine - Baixada Fluminense Brazilian Film Festival. 

The festival is held in Duque de Caxias, State of Rio de Janeiro. The screenings will occur in june. Know more here (in portuguese).

terça-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2015

Kassandra at Mostra Monstro Film Festival

Kassandra was also selected for the first edition of the Mostra Monstro Film Festival, held in the city of Jacareí, São Paulo, Brazil. Know more here (in portuguese).

The selected short films will dispute the Troféu Monstro ("Monster Award") in the next March 14. 

This is our 22nd participation in festivals and cultural events in Brazil and Latin America. And we want more!

sexta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2015

Kassandra at Grotesc-O-Vision Festival

Kassandra was selected for the second edition of the Grotesc-O-Vision Festival, held in Curitiba, Brazil, during the Carnival. Know more here.

The movie will be screened with other brazilians films, both features and shorts, along with international productions, such as Judas Ghost

segunda-feira, 17 de novembro de 2014

Best Film at the Brasilia Online Festival

This weekend, in Brasilia, Kassandra received the top prize of Online Film Festival: Best Picture by the Official Jury! In addition, our director Ulisses da Motta Costa, present at the event, also received the award for Best Director - the second he won for Kassandra.

The award ceremony took place on November 14 in the Auditorium of the University Center of Brasilia (UniCEUB). Kassandra was nominated for eight categories.

Thus, our short film arrives at seven awards mark! Remember here:

Gramado Film Festival (Mostra Gaucha):
  • Best Cinematography

Santo Angelo Film Festival:
  • Best Director 

CineSerra Film Festival:
  • Best Cinematography 
  • Best Art Direction
  • Best Music

Brasilia Online Film Festival:
  • Best Film
  • Best Director

terça-feira, 28 de outubro de 2014

Three Awards at CineSerra Film Festival

From left to right: winners Pablo Chasseraux, Chico Pereira and Ana Gusson
Kassandra did well at the awards of the second edition of CineSerra Film Festival. The film received three awards at last Sunday, October 26, at SESC Theatre in Caxias do Sul, Brazil. 

We won the following categories:

  • Best Cinematography for Pablo Chasseraux: This is his second award for the black-and-white photography in the movie.
  • Best Art Direction for Ana Gusson: Kassandra is only hes second short at the function. The first, the beautiful Princess and the Pea, can be see here.
  • Best Music Score for Chico Pereira: He who works with director Ulisses Costa da Motta from the first short of both, O Gritador (2006). This is the first award received by the composer for his work with movies.

segunda-feira, 20 de outubro de 2014

Eight nominations at Brasilia Online Film Festival

Kassandra is the film with most nominations at the 1st Brasilia Online Film Festival. Last week were released the finalists in twelve categories and our film was nominated to eight of them. Know more here (in portuguese).

Previously, Kassandra had received eleven pre-nominations in the first phase of the festival. The selection committee made a new sorting and decreases to just five the number of nominees for each award.

One of the nominations was obtained via Internet voting. We got the second place with 562 votes in the Popular Jury category.

The awards will be held in Brasilia on 15 November.

Below, all categories in which Kassandra competes:
  • Best Picture
  • Best Film by the Popular Jury
  • Best Director (Ulisses Costa da Motta)
  • Best Actress (Renata Stein)
  • Best Cinematography (Pablo Chasseraux)
  • Best Sound (Roberto Coutinho and Leandro Lefa)
  • Best Editing (Alfredo Barros)
  • Best Original Score (Chico Pereira)

sábado, 18 de outubro de 2014

Kassandra at the Três Passos Film Festival

Kassandra was selected for the Três Passos Film Festival (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil). Our movie competes with other 31 short films produced in Brazil.

The 1st Três Passos Film Festival takes place between 13 and 15 November at Cine Teatro Globe, the town's traditional cinema.

terça-feira, 23 de setembro de 2014

Kassandra goes to Colombia

Another Latin American country will meet Kassandra.

Our film will be screened in the 4th Festival de Cine y Video Comuna 13, held in Medellín, Colombia, between September 29 and October 4. It will be part of a non-competitive exhibition of movies from Rio Grande do Sul. The movies were selected by the festival curators from indications of the Cinema State Institute of Rio Grande do Sul (Iecine).

sábado, 23 de agosto de 2014

Best Director at the Santo Angelo Film Festival

On 22 August, we were awarded the 3rd St. Angelo Film Festival - Short Film. Kassandra won the Golden Swan trophy for Best Director! The film's director, Ulysses da Motta Costa, was at the time representing cast and crew - and, coincidentally, was also his birthday.

In addition to directing award, Kassandra received nominations in three categories: Best Film, Best Screenplay (Roger Monteiro) and Best Actress (for Renata Stein).

segunda-feira, 14 de julho de 2014

Kassandra is back to Sao Paulo

Kassandra returns to the largest city in Brazil. The film was selected to the Terror no Olido Film Festival, in São Paulo. The screening will happen in July 21 at the Galeria Olido, along with other seven short films. 

sexta-feira, 27 de junho de 2014

Kassandra, a graphic novel

Soon, we will release the Kassandra graphic novel version! Yes, our heroine will star a graphic novel with art and story signed by the writer of the film, Roger Monteiro.

The idea has been developed since last year. Roger (who is also a visual artist) did the project autonomously. He even admits that it was a way to keep connected to the character for some time more. "It's easy to become attached to her, especially when you have a predisposition to be interested in crazy and mean girls in black and white," he says.

The graphic novel is called Kassandra, Verses of Silence and Madness and attempts to retell the story from the point of view of the character. The distinction begins with the visual: the short is in black and white, but the comic book will be colorized. "No realistic colors, but something of dream, almost lysergic" says Roger. Furthermore, Kassandra also now expresses herself orally, at least in text. "We actually have access to character thoughts, which are presented in verse, rhyming, which cause them to generate a stream of consciousness."

Wanna see some? Here it goes (in portuguese):

segunda-feira, 28 de abril de 2014

Kassandra goes to Uruguay

Kassandra will once again abroad! The film will be part of the Sur-Sul Festival in Montevideo, the Uruguayan capital, along with other films produced in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul.

In the official program, the "horror with brasileño rythm" will be screened on May 4th, Sunday. It will be the first of three sessions in the Cinemateca Uruguaya.

quarta-feira, 19 de março de 2014

Kassandra mentioned in italian book

Kassandra is mentioned in La Notte Più Longa Del Mondo - Evil Dolls Movies, written by Samuelle Zàccaro and published bu UliversItalia. It's a complete guide for all films in wich a evil doll or puppet appears. 

Zàccaro got in touch with our director, Ullisses da Motta Costa, a few months ago to learn more about Blá-Blá, the main character's favorite dreadful toy. Now, he kindly send us his review for the film: 

2013, directed by Ulisses da Motta Costa. Starring Luis Franke, Leandro Lefa, Maico Silveira, Renata Stein. BRAZIL, 24min. B&W.
Young and beautiful Kassandra (Renata Stein) suffers from hallucinations. She is a recluse in her own home and refuses to speak. She is paranoid, claustrophobic and scared of crowds. She is afraid of her neighbour who is spying on her and her mind is obsessed with an ageing giant man and an evil doll. 
Psychological thriller with a good tension, the film adages to show the ghosts and fears crowding the mind of the complex main character. The film centres around psychological sufferings and symbolisms and it can be remembered for its conclusion and for the choice of filming everything in black and white thus placing the story in a sort of temporal limbo. Originality is not its main strength but the director demonstrates to have a good and assured hand. the film has been completed thanks to the funds of the Fundo municipal de Cultura and has won some awards in its country of production. 
Trivia: the doll used in the film (one of the numerous obsessions and fears of the protagonist) was owned by a woman working with the film's crew. She had had the doll since childhood but always found her to be somewhat creepy. The doll's model, called Blà-Blà, was very popular in Brasil in the 1950s and 1960s.

quinta-feira, 13 de março de 2014

Interview: Ulisses da Motta Costa, director

Kassandra's director Ulisses da Motta Costa gave this interview for the italian horror site Darkveins. He talks about his career and, of course, about the making of Kassandra

He also explains his refined experiences with italian cinema (in the image, some examples of his favorite local productions) and refers to the importance of José Mojica Marins, the creator of Coffin Joe, in brazilian cinema.  Read the interview here

Darkveins also published this nice review of Kassandra.

quinta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2014

Kassandra at Mostra do Filme Livre

Time for Kassandra to visit the biggest cities in Brazil! To be more exact: Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Brasilia, the federal capital. Know more here.

This is because the short film was selected for the 13th Mostra do Filme Livre (Free Film Festival), which will take place between March and June this year. The sessions will take place at the Cultural Center Bank of Brazil in these three capitals.

Kassandra is among the 195 films chosen this year, over a thousand subscribers. 

terça-feira, 26 de novembro de 2013

Kassandra at Havana Film Festival

Our girl is crossing the borders of Brazil! Kassandra will participate of the 35th International Festival del Nuevo Cine Latino-American, held in Havana, Cuba. The session will happen at December 8th, 2013. Know more here

Kassandra will participate in parallel exhibition along with the other winners of the 41st Gramado Film Festival Festival. The partnership between the two festivals began in 2012 and provides that the short films awarded in one to appear in the other.

It will be our international première. 

terça-feira, 29 de outubro de 2013

Kassandra premieres at Halloween

Kassandra will premiere in the city where it was produced at Halloween. It will be an open session for the general public in São Leopoldo, during the Curta São Léo Film Festival.

WHERE: Municipal Theatre of São Leopoldo
Cultural Center José Pedro Boessio - Osvaldo Aranha, 934
When: October 31, 8:00 pm, Halloween evening!

[Update]: We would like to thank the nearly 140 people who honor us with their presence! Thank you, guys!

domingo, 11 de agosto de 2013

Best Cinematography at the Gramado Film Festival

That's a good start! Today we won the Best Cinematography Award (above) in the "Mostra Gaucha" at the Gramado Film Festival.

The trophy was awarded to the film crew that was present - Pablo Chasseraux, the cinematographer of Kassandra (photo below on the set), could not be present in the occasion. But the recognition is a great start to the film: it is our first festival and our first prize.

Pablo is a requested director of photography for commercials and TV series. More about his work can be seen here.

Pablo Chasseraux, Cinematographer
Congratulations to Pablo for the award! And also to all those involved in the cinematography: Marcelo Santos (camera assistant), Victor Fiuza (additional cinematography), Jô Fontana (chief electrician) and Ligia Tiemi Sumi (image and color correction).

quarta-feira, 31 de julho de 2013

Listen to Kassandra's soundtrack

Wanna listen our soundtrack? These are some of the musical themes composed by Chico Pereira for Kassandra, including the character's main theme.

Chico Pereira - Arrangement, synths, percussion, music sound design.
Roberto Coutinho - Additional arrangements, synths, music sound design.
Mariele Giovanaz - Vocals.
Isadora Raymundo - Violin.

Composed by Chico Pereira
Sound Engineering and Mix: Roberto Coutinho
Recorded at Ampli Studio - São Leopoldo, Brazil - January and february 2013.

segunda-feira, 9 de julho de 2012

Kassandra's images - 4

And there it is: new pictures from Kassandra's set.

You can also see more images here, here and here.

Actor Leandro Lefa and director Ulisses Costa in the set
Renata Stein and Blá-Blá, the doll
Improvising a curtain for a point of view shot
A ghostly image
Leandro Lefa geting into the character

Kassandra's Images - 3

New photos from Kassandra's set.

See more pictures here and here.

Shooting Renata Stein
Leandro Lefa (right) ready for action
Cinematographer Pablo Chaseraux and director Ulisses da Motta Costa
Watching the "film inside the film"
"And... Cut! More blood!"

Our thanks!

It's time to thank the people responsible for the success of our crowdfunding campaign.

More than 130 people contributed to Kassandra  through the site The number of supporters who believed in our work is more important than the amount collected, because it shows that there are people who believe in the project and in us.

As the director Ulisses Costa Motta said: "IWe are men of little faith. Our friends, however, are not. They believed in us. Now, the only purpose of my life is not to disappoint them. Let's finish this stuff! "

First, a very special "thank you" to the supporters who donated the maximum value and became Kassandra's Associate Producers!

Camila Barcelos
Fábio Guizzardi
Luciane da Motta Costa
Márcia Bohn Gusson

To all who believed in us and donated to our movie - yes, "our movie"! We are eternally grateful to each one of you. :)

Score composer Chico Pereira

Adriana Ferraz
Adriana Renata Barcelos
Alexandre Selliach
Aline Geib
Amelize Mattos
Ana Carolina Kanitz
Ana Paula Lopes
Angela Lawisch Dorfey
André Conti Silva
Andrea Vanessa Jungbluth
Andy Renmei
Bárbara Swarowsky
Bruna Klassmann
Bruna Köche
Bruno Steffen
Camila Kunkel
Caren Suzana
Carmen Pereira
Carolina Wingert
Caroline Conter
Carlos Porto
Cássio Vargas 
Catarina Corbellini Gusson
Chaiane Bitelo
Cibele Berghahn
Claudino José Etges
Clovis Oyarzabal
Cristina Salib
Producer Ramona Barcellos

Daniel Machado Pereira
Daniela Danieli
Deb Xavier
Denise Thomas
Douglas Michaelsen
Eduardo Conter
Eduardo Ferreira
Eduarda Schuastcer
Fabrizio Ridel
Farlei Heinen
Felipe Fito
Fernando De Cesero
Fernando Nabinger
Flávia Falcão
Gabriel Ferreira
Gabriel Klaser
Gerusa Wasun
Gibran Sirena
Gloria Pinto
Guilherme Benvegnu
Guilherme Cunha
Guilherme Portella
Gustavo Moreira
Henrique Abel
Henrique Scherer
Hilton Junior
Actress Suzana Witt

Iara Ungarelli  
Irení Pulla
Jamile Hallan
Janaína Ferreira
Jean Schmith e Tiago Silveira
Jéssica Pulla 
João Felício Gusson
João Ricardo Bittencourt
Jorge Feldens
Juliana Bock
Juliana Wingert
Kat Draugelis
Kátia Salib
Léia Stein 
Liege Ávila
Lili Amaral
Liziane e Vinícius Barros
Loraci Maria Wathier Kich
Luana Flôres
Lucas Bertolini Pizzo
Lucas Finkler
Lucas Luz
Lucia e Décio Berghahn
Luciano Bargmann
Luciano Lamb
Luciano Marquetto
Luciano Martins
Lucinara Linck
Sound Engeneer and Producer Roberto Coutinho

Maria Cristina Franck
Maria Toaldo Machado
Mary Sandra Carlotto
Méle Dornelas
Miguel Presser da Silva
Mônica Marques
 Neori José Gusson
Nicole Kleemann
Nilva Terezinha Gusson Etges
Oliver Reinis
Ory Laux
Priscila Mendes
Rafael Ribs
Raquel Peruzzo e Robson Barcarolo
Rica Retamal
Rogério Rodrigues
Rogério Theisen
Ronaldo Schirmer 
Art Director Ana Gusson

Sheila e Gus Antonello
Thais Fernandes
Thaís Lima e Rafael Klaser
Thiago Maciel e Jordão Maciel
Uri Blankfeld
Valmor Burdzinski
Valquíria Ritter
Vandré Brancão
Vânia Medianeira Flores Costa
Veronica Born
Verônica Ribeiro
Verônica Stein
Xaiane Pires
Xixa Kayser

And to the students from the Cinema Workshop at Sinodal High School:
Alex Souza
Amanda Garcias
Ana Copetti
Henrique Souza
Higor Rodrigues
João Pedro Boufleur
Júlio Schröder
Paulo Mezzomo
Victória Freire
Actress Renata Stein
To conclude, the words of the assistant director Victor Fiúza summarize the importance of the support from all of you:

"When Kassandra reaches it's crowdfunding goal, it is not only an alternative financial achievement  in order to make a film. It also means a shared appreciation of cinema: it's not just the film itself that becomes self-supporting, but it is a whole social and cultural environment. Basically, it's not just the team of Kassandra to win the chance to complete a job (working vital, by the way), but also gain all those who supported or even not, because there is a collective effort for the existence of a relevant movie.

"Making the movie or not, everyone is in".

quinta-feira, 12 de abril de 2012

You can help Kassandra!

That's it, folks! We are starting our crowdfunding campaign to complete Kassandra!

This is a cultural project conducted by a team of artists dedicated to making the best film possible. As our actress Susana Witt says: "Now is the time when we need help from friends and cinema fans."

Want to help us? It's simple: enter the site and choose an amount between BR $ 10,00 and BR $ 30,00 (or more). If you are from Europe or United States and to know how much it is in your currency, let me tell you: is very cheap:

  1,00 = R$ 2,40
US$ 1,00 = R$ 1,75

You can pay with your credit card and the system os 100% secure.

Each value means a reward: could be thanks in the credits of the film, could be DVDs, t-shirts and even some cards form Kassandra’s Tarot (see below all of them). And so you become part of this project too!

Check out our promotional video (in portuguese) and spread the project!

Thanks for everything guys! See the rewards:

- $ 10.00 or more - thanks in the credits of the movie, here on the blog and social networks.

- $ 30.00 or more - Thanks + official poster.

- $ 50.00 or more - Thanks + Poster + official DVD with extras and subtitles in English.

- $ 80.00 or more - Thanks + DVD + Poster + official set of five cards form the Kassandra’s Tarot.

- $ 120.00 or more - Thanks + DVD + Poster + Set + tarot cards movie + Official T-shirt

- $ 150.00 or more - Thanks official DVD + Poster + Set + tarot cards of the film Call + T-shirt + invitation for the premiere (only for Brazil).

- $ 300.00 or more - Credit as Associate Producer + DVD + Poster + official set of tarot cards movie + T-shirt.

domingo, 18 de março de 2012

Kassandra's Feelings - III - the shooting

Renata Stein's impressions during the filming of Kassandra. Her impressions about the rehearsels can be read here and here.

Day One:

It was a hard day, actually, I've got a little "soft" on the set. It seems that it took all day to get used to working with so many people in the room of Kassandra’a home. Nevertheless, I believe that I did reach the mood of the life of Kassandra quickly. But it made ​​me quiet throughout the day, which left me a little "down".

The focus helped me in the most difficult scene of the day, Scene 5, when I needed to cry, and even then it was complicated. I felt sensitive to every situation, I got involved, but the tears did not come so easy. I also know that much of this difficulty is because of the many cuts that have between one and take another. The few tears came after a look from director Ulisses. It helped me think I might be disappointing him.

The presence of my colleague Maico made
​​me feel better since he was one of the few people I knew and felt comfortable as Kassandra. I arrived on set already preparing myself for Kassandra, most of the people I knew right there and I had no opportunity to mingle with them. So it seemed that only Maico and Ulisses believed in my work, and it made ​​me more reclusive.

Talking with the director, we realize that this is one of the differences between theater and cinema. There are many people working on the set, each with a function and concentrated entirely on it, lots of breaks to change the camera and light and I, in this case, alone without other actors, trying to concentrate. In the theater we got months of preparation and testing, always with the same actors, creating a confidence relationship.

I came home exhausted and extremely sensitive.

Day Two:

Today it was lighter, in terms of concentration and sensitivity. I got more comfortable on the set and Maico came early, and Susana Witt and Leandro Lefa were there too. So I laughed and I relax more, but I did find it harder to concentrate in certain scenes later. I realized that no matter how hard it is to be Kassandra, you need a lot of concentration to be her. So I went back a little to a self seclusion.

What were heavy today were the attack scenes, escapes and other disaster. It means a lot of beating and as a result, many wounds. There were some complicated scenes with birds, after all, it seems that they all had a problem similar to that of Kassandra...

Day Three:

Behold the Great Man. Today he decided to appear. We recorded the scenes with him, ande the ones with blood.

What a strange and awkward day. I do not know, or better, we can not say why, but it was weird. I also thought the director was more impatient today (will he allow me to post this?).

Today I thought I didn’t give everything. I think it was exhaustion. Being Kassandra is not easy. And despite all the tiredness, at the end of the recordings I stayed there on set. Laziness? Farewell? Or is it just Ramona’s wonderful snacks and Maico’s massage that holded me there?

Kassandra now only in the coming months with more blood and color.

I am very grateful to all staff that is giving life to this Ulisses’ dream that now is also mine.

sexta-feira, 16 de março de 2012

Music on the set

There was solid certainly even about Kassandra’s shooting even before Roger Monteiro presented the first draft of the script, and that is we would make the scenes with music.

The film has little dialogue and most of its sound will be recorded in post-production, which allowed the presence of music on the set. The idea was well received by the crew as a whole, especially by composer Chico Pereira (pic), who made a playlist to run not only as the scenes while shooting, but also in the intervals. Renata Stein also enjoyed the idea: she could choose her own music for the emotional scenes, helping her performance.

Below are two examples of the songs played during Kassandra’s filming. The first is a piece of Phillip Glass, one of the references collected by Chico, and the second is the theme from Requiem For A Dream, composed by Clint Mansell, chose by Renata to play in a few moments of the film:

Lux Aeterna - Clint Mansell

terça-feira, 13 de março de 2012

The Artist and the New Silent Films

By Ulisses da Motta Costa, Kassandra’s director, on the current trend of silent films:

It may seem somewhat surprising that this year Academy Awards decided to consecrate a black-and-white silent movie. The Artist, a Belgian-French production that pays homage to the American cinema of the early decades of the twentieth century, won five statuettes: best picture, director (Michel Hazanavicius), actor (Jean Dujardin), original score (Ludovic Bource) and costume design ( Mark Bridges). However, it is not an isolated case.

The film looks back at the cinema history to find a new benchmark, in a time of creative crisis in American cinema. To search in other times a new foundation to rebuild or renovate the arts is something that happens frequently in human culture. Thus, the apparent aesthetic audacity in The Artist is actually part of a "movement" (in the lack of a better term) to seek for visual narratives.

Or perhaps this “better term” I'm missing is "trend". In the last half decade we have seen popping examples of films based less on dialogue and more on the visual.

It is easy to remember recent examples in Hollywood: the Pixar animation Wall-E , the first 15 minutes of P.T. Anderson’s There Will Be Blood, or even crucial scenes from Rise of the Planet of the Apes. In the same France that has produced The Artist we have Sylvain Chomet, who directed two feature animation films, The Triplets of Belleville and The Illusionist. In the 2009 Gramado Film Festival, I saw this uruguayan comedy, Gigante, who badly needed dialogue or music to tell its story.

We can ask why the makers of these films have toke this decision. But most important is the fact that films form diverse genres, origins and intentions have worked so well with the proposal of not using dialogues to drive the narrative. The Artist, of course, go further: don’t even have noise or sound effects
of any kind (except for two scenes). All you hear is the music. After all, the intention was to recreate a cinema of the past and so the process had to be more intense, including a characteristic black-and-white cinematography.

The film caught my attention when we were in preproduction of Kassandra. Our little film is also in black-and-white, virtually dispenses the dialogues and has a mute protagonist. Of course, these choices do not intend to recreate the past, but are based on what we believe that work’s for the story.  But the "blame" for a lack of creativity never hit me. On the contrary: it made me feel inside and "belonging" to something bigger and more powerful.

It’s a feeling that the path we choose seems to be more certain than we might suppose.

Making of Kassandra - 7 - The Slider Saga

Do you remember the Jackson Ritter’s Production Lists? One of his tasks was to elaborate a slider, equipment used to make small camera movements. According to him, the task was accomplished. Is it?

Jackson and Roberto Coutinho (producer and sound engineer) united forces to this job, using some wood, a bit of rubber, a plenty of junk and a lot of cluelessness.

The result of this amazing saga can be seen in the video below (in portuguse), from it’s conception to the climax, where the slider is tested by cinematographer Pablo Chasseraux.

quinta-feira, 8 de março de 2012

The Women in Kassandra

Ramona Barcellos, the mother godess

In the role of productor, Ramona treated the team like a large family who should have confort. Besides the hours devoted to organization, as soon as the filming began she was started to cook, right there in the location, in order to lower the film’s cost.

By Roberto Coutinho (producer and sound engineer): "It is great to work with a woman like Ramona! She’s efficient, responsible, helpful and organized. She can keep a straight face while being extremely nice and sweet."
By Victor Fiuza (assistant director): "A producer I would love to work with many times. She has the attributes necessary for the production management and at the same time maintains a calm control."
By Ulysses da Motta 
Costa (Director): "When Ramona looks you with those eyes infinitely blue and asks you 'but will it work?', all you want is to do your job right so you’ll not disappoint the 'boss' ".

Ana Gusson, the amazon warrior

Ana never got tired whatever was the task. When she had finished her work, would immediately help someone else. Besides, of course, the additional aesthetic that she gave to the scenery and film visual as a whole.

By Roberto: "If you do not know Ana, your wasting time! Even tired and stressed, she always had a smile on her face. She’s never in a bad mood or bored. And to complete, she is the best art director I ever worked with! "
By Ulysses: "She has that cut way that only people no fear have: Anna is not afraid to hug you tight when sees you - and also not afraid to raise her voice up even to the director when needed ..."
By Maico Silveira (actor): "A sweet girl who is frightened by anyhi’".

Suzana Witt, our psyche

Susana always put the soul in work, even when it’s fast. She doesn’t mid the status of being an actress and involves rapidly in the middle of the crew, exercising the tranquility she expressed on the screen.

By Leandro Lefa (actor): "Susana has a enviable naturally, she seems to have years of experience with the camera. Best: It seems that neither had a camera there, only Susana doing her thing."
By Daniel Coutinho (film publicist): "Susana is an actress of great talent and also is a very dear person. It is a pleasure to work beside her. She’s competent in the set and a great company for a good chat and laugh behind the scenes ".

Marina Cardozo, all the muses in one

Kassandra’s script supervisor (who served as assistant director when needed) can do anything of artistic character. During breaks from filming, it was easy to see Marina painting in an Ipad or singing. She’s always making art – and always keeping the enthusiasm.

By Roberto: "Besides being a great partner to whatever silly plans (boring, stupid and clueless as they can be), Marina is the most versatile girl I know. Each time I discover a new talent: writer, dancer, painter, musician, director, actress, gourmet ... Is there anything that Marina do not know? "
By Daniel: "A girl committed to work and who is always in good humor. Marina is very spontaneous and fun. A company very dear in and off the movie set."

Isabela Boessio and Giulia De Cesero, the nymphs

If there was laughter echoing through the set (and sometimes outside it), everyone knew: it was the costume designers and makeup artists Isabela and Giulia. But beyond the laughter, there was dedication.

By Ulysses: "To have those two girls on the team made us all quite tranquil. We knew that we will not worry about the costumes. They do their job no matter if the world is falling. Besides, of course, they are beautiful and enjoy this crazy process that is to make a movie. "
By Chico Pereira (composer): "They give lots of laughter. That alone would be enough for everyone to like them. But, moreover, they are talented." 

Renata Stein, the persephone

Like the goddess of greek mythology, Renata lived in two worlds. Despite her cheerful disposition and sweetness, she was not afraid to dive into darkness to be able to give life (and fear and anxiety and anger) to Kassandra.

By Leandro Lefa: "Renata makes us feel small. You look at her and realize that she is thinking a million things and it seems that a whole universe will be created to complement her performance when one says ‘action’. I think it actually happens. "
By Victor: "Young actress, but with professionalism and devotion to the craft dormant, revealing an early maturity development, which therefore opens great expectations for her work."
By Chico: "A precious stone. She’s a little monster as a person and a huge monster as an actress. By ‘monster” I mean the best sense of the word. And these two Renatas do not seem to be the same person, which proves her talent for acting”.
By Maico: "A girl of few words when working. Because when she's not ..."