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About the cast: Suzana Witt

Renata Stein is not the only girl in Kassandra's cast. She's followed by Suzana Witt, who plays two different roles in the movie.

It's not mere coincidence that both the actresses study together, at the Dramatic Art Department in the Rio Grande do Sul Federal University. Suzana already worked a couple of times with director Ulisses da Motta Costa as assistent director. One of these works was a web series in wich Suzana called Renata for an audition. Eventually the web series was not released, but it was in the audition that Renata met Ulisses and most of the Kassandra's crew. By the way, she was aproved in the audition for one of the main characters. 

From assistent director, Suzana was promoted to actress. "In our earlier works, I was used to work behind the cameras", she says. "In Kassandra was different, but not that much. In the end, cast and crew are one". A curiosity: she and the costume designers Isabela Boessio and Giulia De Cesero were high school colleagues. To choose a costume for a prostitute (one of Suzana's roles) was a great fun for them.

Thou it is a quick appearance, the prostitute's scene was complicated. Suzana didn't have the time to rehearse with her partner, Leandro Lefa. Also, the dialogue indicated in the screenplay was vague: "a discussion with obscene terms". Both the actors and Ulisses conceived the scene just before it was made. 

In the first take, Suzana turned to Lefa and spoke out loud:

- Honey, this is way more expensive!

The crew had to hold the laughing until the "cut".

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