domingo, 19 de fevereiro de 2012

Alfredo Barros, the editing man

Alfredo Barros is amongst the main names in Kassandra’s cast and crew. He’s an editor and one of the successfull cinema professionals that accepted the invitation for this project, just like Pablo Chasseraux, Luis Franke and Leandro Lefa.

Barros is the kind of person that doesn’t have a “curriculum”. He has a filmography. He was assistent editor in movies such as The Man who Copied (2003). Today, he got plenty of work as main editor and some of them end up in awards. In the last Gramado Film Festival, he won for best editing in short film with Três Vezes por Semana (“Three Times at Week, in english). In Kassandra, Alfredo’s job is to put together more than 120 camera shots.

According director Ulisses da Motta Costa, Alfredo got into the project when he knew it was going to be a psychological horror. “He asked me: ‘is this a horror movie?’ and I said yes”,  tells Ulisses. “Then he replied: ‘man, that’s cool, I’ve always wanted to edit a horror movie”.

The editing process is already began.

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