quarta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2012

Jackson Ritter's last production list

A great misfortune: producer Jackson Ritter is finishing his job in Kassandra. Here’s his final list (see the other lists here, here and here): 

1 - Fake blood: OK!
2 - Bird: My woman did not liberate Galato, the parakeet with Grêmio’s colors. Let’s buy the birdies;
3 - Cockroaches: we discovered that ether (what I would use to dope them) have controlled sell by the Brazilian Army. I believe that this information scared the production a bit and the cockroaches were cut off. Such a pity;
4 - Slider: OK! 

The crow now goes for Robert Coutinho, who will replace Jackson. But the spirit remains: 

1 - Syringe. Note: catch the biggest syringe in the market;
2 - Dagger.
3 - Fake glass. Preliminary Observations: A) formula glues in absolutely anything. I ignore if it haves chemical, physical or quantum reasons.  B) My employee got cut with it, so perhaps the formula is not functioning. C) I am using sugar and maize glucose. Maybe don’t work as glass, but at least I already know how to make lollypops.

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