sábado, 21 de janeiro de 2012

Fake blood: such a hard work

Kassandra’s team had a really hard work with fake blood. Sounds strange? Well, work with fluids is an exhaustive job, due its unpredictable nature.

During filming, two shots involving blood took an hour and a half hours to me made. In one of them, one of the actors had to spit blood. Crew rushed between each take to clean set, costume and actor, and also to find some glass so he could pour out the remaining blood in his mouth.

Even harder was the shot in which Kassandra’s face was dripped with blood. Director Ulisses da Motta Costa did use his fingers to release the drops in Renata Stein’s face. But his hand eventually showed up in the camera. So he stood a bit far from the actress and made the second take.

It was a disaster. The drops did go everywhere: in the floor, in the set’s curtain and even in the script girl Marina Cardozo. Nor a single drop in Renata. While art director Ana Gusson and producer Roberto Coutinho furiously cleaned the mess up, a beaten Ulisses changed the shot to make the dropping task easier.

At least the blood made by Roberto and Jackson Ritter didn’t stain…

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