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Kassandra's Feelings - III - the shooting

Renata Stein's impressions during the filming of Kassandra. Her impressions about the rehearsels can be read here and here.

Day One:

It was a hard day, actually, I've got a little "soft" on the set. It seems that it took all day to get used to working with so many people in the room of Kassandra’a home. Nevertheless, I believe that I did reach the mood of the life of Kassandra quickly. But it made ​​me quiet throughout the day, which left me a little "down".

The focus helped me in the most difficult scene of the day, Scene 5, when I needed to cry, and even then it was complicated. I felt sensitive to every situation, I got involved, but the tears did not come so easy. I also know that much of this difficulty is because of the many cuts that have between one and take another. The few tears came after a look from director Ulisses. It helped me think I might be disappointing him.

The presence of my colleague Maico made
​​me feel better since he was one of the few people I knew and felt comfortable as Kassandra. I arrived on set already preparing myself for Kassandra, most of the people I knew right there and I had no opportunity to mingle with them. So it seemed that only Maico and Ulisses believed in my work, and it made ​​me more reclusive.

Talking with the director, we realize that this is one of the differences between theater and cinema. There are many people working on the set, each with a function and concentrated entirely on it, lots of breaks to change the camera and light and I, in this case, alone without other actors, trying to concentrate. In the theater we got months of preparation and testing, always with the same actors, creating a confidence relationship.

I came home exhausted and extremely sensitive.

Day Two:

Today it was lighter, in terms of concentration and sensitivity. I got more comfortable on the set and Maico came early, and Susana Witt and Leandro Lefa were there too. So I laughed and I relax more, but I did find it harder to concentrate in certain scenes later. I realized that no matter how hard it is to be Kassandra, you need a lot of concentration to be her. So I went back a little to a self seclusion.

What were heavy today were the attack scenes, escapes and other disaster. It means a lot of beating and as a result, many wounds. There were some complicated scenes with birds, after all, it seems that they all had a problem similar to that of Kassandra...

Day Three:

Behold the Great Man. Today he decided to appear. We recorded the scenes with him, ande the ones with blood.

What a strange and awkward day. I do not know, or better, we can not say why, but it was weird. I also thought the director was more impatient today (will he allow me to post this?).

Today I thought I didn’t give everything. I think it was exhaustion. Being Kassandra is not easy. And despite all the tiredness, at the end of the recordings I stayed there on set. Laziness? Farewell? Or is it just Ramona’s wonderful snacks and Maico’s massage that holded me there?

Kassandra now only in the coming months with more blood and color.

I am very grateful to all staff that is giving life to this Ulisses’ dream that now is also mine.

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