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Our thanks!

It's time to thank the people responsible for the success of our crowdfunding campaign.

More than 130 people contributed to Kassandra  through the site The number of supporters who believed in our work is more important than the amount collected, because it shows that there are people who believe in the project and in us.

As the director Ulisses Costa Motta said: "IWe are men of little faith. Our friends, however, are not. They believed in us. Now, the only purpose of my life is not to disappoint them. Let's finish this stuff! "

First, a very special "thank you" to the supporters who donated the maximum value and became Kassandra's Associate Producers!

Camila Barcelos
Fábio Guizzardi
Luciane da Motta Costa
Márcia Bohn Gusson

To all who believed in us and donated to our movie - yes, "our movie"! We are eternally grateful to each one of you. :)

Score composer Chico Pereira

Adriana Ferraz
Adriana Renata Barcelos
Alexandre Selliach
Aline Geib
Amelize Mattos
Ana Carolina Kanitz
Ana Paula Lopes
Angela Lawisch Dorfey
André Conti Silva
Andrea Vanessa Jungbluth
Andy Renmei
Bárbara Swarowsky
Bruna Klassmann
Bruna Köche
Bruno Steffen
Camila Kunkel
Caren Suzana
Carmen Pereira
Carolina Wingert
Caroline Conter
Carlos Porto
Cássio Vargas 
Catarina Corbellini Gusson
Chaiane Bitelo
Cibele Berghahn
Claudino José Etges
Clovis Oyarzabal
Cristina Salib
Producer Ramona Barcellos

Daniel Machado Pereira
Daniela Danieli
Deb Xavier
Denise Thomas
Douglas Michaelsen
Eduardo Conter
Eduardo Ferreira
Eduarda Schuastcer
Fabrizio Ridel
Farlei Heinen
Felipe Fito
Fernando De Cesero
Fernando Nabinger
Flávia Falcão
Gabriel Ferreira
Gabriel Klaser
Gerusa Wasun
Gibran Sirena
Gloria Pinto
Guilherme Benvegnu
Guilherme Cunha
Guilherme Portella
Gustavo Moreira
Henrique Abel
Henrique Scherer
Hilton Junior
Actress Suzana Witt

Iara Ungarelli  
Irení Pulla
Jamile Hallan
Janaína Ferreira
Jean Schmith e Tiago Silveira
Jéssica Pulla 
João Felício Gusson
João Ricardo Bittencourt
Jorge Feldens
Juliana Bock
Juliana Wingert
Kat Draugelis
Kátia Salib
Léia Stein 
Liege Ávila
Lili Amaral
Liziane e Vinícius Barros
Loraci Maria Wathier Kich
Luana Flôres
Lucas Bertolini Pizzo
Lucas Finkler
Lucas Luz
Lucia e Décio Berghahn
Luciano Bargmann
Luciano Lamb
Luciano Marquetto
Luciano Martins
Lucinara Linck
Sound Engeneer and Producer Roberto Coutinho

Maria Cristina Franck
Maria Toaldo Machado
Mary Sandra Carlotto
Méle Dornelas
Miguel Presser da Silva
Mônica Marques
 Neori José Gusson
Nicole Kleemann
Nilva Terezinha Gusson Etges
Oliver Reinis
Ory Laux
Priscila Mendes
Rafael Ribs
Raquel Peruzzo e Robson Barcarolo
Rica Retamal
Rogério Rodrigues
Rogério Theisen
Ronaldo Schirmer 
Art Director Ana Gusson

Sheila e Gus Antonello
Thais Fernandes
Thaís Lima e Rafael Klaser
Thiago Maciel e Jordão Maciel
Uri Blankfeld
Valmor Burdzinski
Valquíria Ritter
Vandré Brancão
Vânia Medianeira Flores Costa
Veronica Born
Verônica Ribeiro
Verônica Stein
Xaiane Pires
Xixa Kayser

And to the students from the Cinema Workshop at Sinodal High School:
Alex Souza
Amanda Garcias
Ana Copetti
Henrique Souza
Higor Rodrigues
João Pedro Boufleur
Júlio Schröder
Paulo Mezzomo
Victória Freire
Actress Renata Stein
To conclude, the words of the assistant director Victor Fiúza summarize the importance of the support from all of you:

"When Kassandra reaches it's crowdfunding goal, it is not only an alternative financial achievement  in order to make a film. It also means a shared appreciation of cinema: it's not just the film itself that becomes self-supporting, but it is a whole social and cultural environment. Basically, it's not just the team of Kassandra to win the chance to complete a job (working vital, by the way), but also gain all those who supported or even not, because there is a collective effort for the existence of a relevant movie.

"Making the movie or not, everyone is in".

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