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Kassandra mentioned in italian book

Kassandra is mentioned in La Notte Più Longa Del Mondo - Evil Dolls Movies, written by Samuelle Zàccaro and published bu UliversItalia. It's a complete guide for all films in wich a evil doll or puppet appears. 

Zàccaro got in touch with our director, Ullisses da Motta Costa, a few months ago to learn more about Blá-Blá, the main character's favorite dreadful toy. Now, he kindly send us his review for the film: 

2013, directed by Ulisses da Motta Costa. Starring Luis Franke, Leandro Lefa, Maico Silveira, Renata Stein. BRAZIL, 24min. B&W.
Young and beautiful Kassandra (Renata Stein) suffers from hallucinations. She is a recluse in her own home and refuses to speak. She is paranoid, claustrophobic and scared of crowds. She is afraid of her neighbour who is spying on her and her mind is obsessed with an ageing giant man and an evil doll. 
Psychological thriller with a good tension, the film adages to show the ghosts and fears crowding the mind of the complex main character. The film centres around psychological sufferings and symbolisms and it can be remembered for its conclusion and for the choice of filming everything in black and white thus placing the story in a sort of temporal limbo. Originality is not its main strength but the director demonstrates to have a good and assured hand. the film has been completed thanks to the funds of the Fundo municipal de Cultura and has won some awards in its country of production. 
Trivia: the doll used in the film (one of the numerous obsessions and fears of the protagonist) was owned by a woman working with the film's crew. She had had the doll since childhood but always found her to be somewhat creepy. The doll's model, called Blà-Blà, was very popular in Brasil in the 1950s and 1960s.

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